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Sarah Carter

Endurance athlete: Knee Knacker, Gran Fondo, and Ironman 2013Training Certifications: BCRPA Group Fitness Instructor, Cycling Instructor, YYOGA Core certified. Level 1 First Aid and CPR.I bring a lot of energy and positivity to my spin classes, but the most important thing to me is making sure people listen to their own bodies. Technique, position, and proper bike set up is essential, since having solid fundamentals is what allows students to progress. Spinning is a great workout, but I do most of my cycling outside so I try and bring that atmosphere to the room. How hard you want to pedal is up to you - I'm just there to guide you through it.Inspirations: I have a very competitive spirit, so I love the concept of pushing yourself to be stronger and fitter than you were before. Spinning removes a lot of the external distractions you find cycling outdoors, so the competition becomes between yourself and the bike. Even though it's a workout, there's a certain kind of meditation you can do on the bike that's tough to describe. It's beautiful, though.

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