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Don't take our word for it....


​“I have learned a lot from Jodi in my journey. Jodi, thank you for always listening and showing me women don’t have to look flawless but we are most attractive when independent and strong!”​



“As a competitive flatwater sprint kayaker, I am always looking for new ways to gain an edge over the competition by enhancing my level of fitness. Training with Jodi is that way! Jodi is a master when it comes to tailoring individualized sport specific workouts. I have come to trust and appreciate her unique approach to training, and look forward to working with her in the future.”​



Hats off to Jodi’s program and all she does for her clients! I would highly recommend Jodi to anyone wanting to improve their overall health and fitness, as well as those looking for that competitive edge – she has many secrets up her sleeve!"​Laddie


"Very high level, what and how Jodi Boates is teaching. In the first moment I realized it. Everything is highly professional & understandable.”​



High intensity training in friendly environment – the social aspect of Jodi’s classes make fitness training fun and enjoyable!”​

Jim Hatch


Jodi’s long spin classes help me to maintain a a good level of cycling fitness over the winter. How do you keep a sweating group of riders motivated to work hard for three hours on a stationary bike? Jodi is an expert at it!”​

Peter Raabe


I have been training with Jodi now for over three years and I have never felt as good about my strength, endurance, and form as I do now! As an athlete for my entire life, I can honestly say her personalized training has taken me to the next level! In addition, not only is she an excellent personal trainer, but she is also a great friend!”​


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