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IKFF Meet, Seattle Sept 28th

This past weekend was the Northwest IKFF Kettlebell meet in Seattle hosted by My good fiend and coach Zach Filer at Morgan Junction Crossfit. Aprox 50 athletes attended the meet. Great to see many of my kettle friends again

My daughter Krista and I both competed in the 10 minute long cycle and the 5 minute snatch events.

We headed down to Seattle Friday after the noon class at JBA (I coach). We spent the morning in a sauna for 40 min to begin weight cutting for the weigh in at 6pm. We had two scrambled eggs for breakfast, and brought broiled plain chicken (1 piece each) for the afternoon drive. A bag of Jolly ranchers and a spit cup kept us busy for most of the drive. WE both made our weight category, so celebrated with dinner out and lots and lots of water to replace all our lost fluids (about 4.5lbs). Excited for the next day, we headed off to bed early. We stayed at a friends down town in a wonderful apartment close to everything, including whole foods right across the street.

At first glance at the flight sheet Kris and I were both put in the same flights. This threw us off because we are so connected to each other and train together every day, we feared sending negative energy to one another if something or someone failed in their set. (when competing this can and does happen a lot). After talking to Krista’s coach, Ken Blackburn, we decided to split up in the long cycle set at least, as that was our main focus for the meet. The snatch set was just for fun.

On game day we still didn’t know what our exact flight would be. This is nerve racking as you really need the mental preparation to get ready for your event. I was moved up two flights to the 4th flight. I competed with the 20kg bell. I was put in a 5 minute event and would continue for the remaining 5 minutes on my own. Hard enough to step up on the platform, but alone is another story! It was fine as once I started my set I took very little notice to anything going on around me, other than focusing on my set. I had a good set, I didn’t quite make my 80 rep goal, but did manage 39/34 = 73. I was loosing grip in the last minute because I was sweating so bad and all the chalk came off my hands. I couldn’t rep as fast as wanted to, for fear the bell would go flying.

Krista competed with a 16kg bell and pulled her set off with ease! She performed and looked amazing. This was her first meet and first 10 min set, ever. her goal was 7/8 rpm and she finished her set with a total of 81 reps, 40/41. This gave her a rank 3, missed her rank 3 by 3 reps. She could have had them easy if she new what number to shoot for. Frustrating for her, but next time she will pull off a rank 1 I’m sure!

Our 5 min Snatch went really well too. Krista with a 12kg bell managed a rank 2, and myself with a 16kg bell earned a rank 1! We were in the same flight for this one, side by side. We both pulled 81 reps out of the 5 min set, with a 40/41 split. So do we train together?? It was fun, and fun to have Z behind both of us as “coach”

We are both looking forward to competing in Worlds this November in Novi, Detroit.

#kettlebell #IKFF #IKFFMeet

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