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Performance Cycle

I presented this workshop at NVRC back in June, and at the BCFIT Conference at Cap U this past weekend. It was well attended by about 40 Spin Instructors. Below are the topics covered in the Workshop. If you are interested in hosting a workshop like this one at your facility (or mine) Contact me for further details.

PERFORMANCE CYCLE Presented by Jodi Boates Designing Interval Style Performance classes (10 min discussion) • Principals of HIIT • Length of intervals • Number of intervals • How much recovery ++ Using a Heart Rate Monitor or Perceived Exertion (10 min discussion) • Heart Rate Zones defined • Using the correct intensity for the length of interval • Recovery Heart Rate (partial or full) and when to apply it • Using Heart rate as important feedback for your training log Motivation and Music Selection (10 min discussion) • A little praise goes a long way • Appling Intense or steady state music • Creating Visualization that goes with your music • Bringing it all together to create the proper atmosphere Class in session (50 min ride) • Warm-up • Cycling interval style • Coaching tips • Cooling down Final Discussion and Questions (10 min) Notes • Bring a HR monitor if you own one • Bring Water • Bring a Towel • Bring a change of clothes

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