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Kettlebells are gaining popularity in the fitness industry so why not come in and see what they are about! Learn what Kettlebells will do for over all health and performance. No need to become a Kettlebell expert to gain the many great benefits from kettlebell training. One of the biggest plusses is you can keep a kettlebell at home and do you workouts right there if you cant make it out for one of our classes. Don’t be fooled though, you need to learn to how to use one properly to ensure you don’t get injured. Come out to one of our scheduled workshops and Learn to Kettlebell. You can decide if this is for you.



Groups of 4-7 people train together 3 xs per week on a year round periodized training program. This very motivating coached program has plenty of group support and optional log posting to track your progress. Suitable for any athletic development program. INQUIRE. Assessment and foundation work required before joining a group program.



Groups of 4-7 people train together 3 xs per week. This very fun and motivating coached program has plenty of group support and optional log posting to track your results.



If classes are not for you, I also offer one on one sessions. Contact Jodi for an appointment.

  • Individual Performance and Fitness Programs

  • Healthy Lifestyle & Living Programs

  • Nutritional Profiling

  • Technical Training for Multi Sports and Kettlebell Sport/Fitness

  • Periodized Training Programs



Core conditioning has taken a new turn. We have introduced the Core X systems. Classes can be done with or without the Core X bands. Learn functional movement patterns with a whole new twist. Fun, challenging and most of all important for a strong and stable core. We also incorporate the Stability ball into our class. Coordination, Balance and Stabilization come in to play. We approach core training from many angles, and the stability ball is one of them.



A good team of instructors are here to lead you to your goals. We offer classes 1 – 3hrs in duration. 2 and 3 hour classes are endurance training, whereas the 1 hr classes are a more intense interval style. All classes taught by Jodi are performance oriented in style. Performance classes are taught by Heart Rate (HR) and take you through various zones with a purpose in mind. If you are looking for performance goals then you will want to attend these classes regularly. If you have fitness only in mind, you will also attend the same classes and may choose to follow the workout with a less intense goal in mind. We do aim to have fun as well as work hard!



Get in and get it done! This is a fast paced 45 min workout. We will have you warmed up, worked out, cooled down and stretched in this intensive 45 min class, and still leave you time for lunch!



We begin this class with full range mobility exercises warming and preparing the body for the days activities. The use of Mobility Sticks will assist you when getting in to some of the more difficult positions . The sticks act as a measure for correcting and aligning the body as we move and stretch. Its important to balance both sides of the body, and with the use of the Mobility Stick it will ensure your posture and alignment is correct. If your goal is increased corrective range of motion, give this class a try.



We offer Technical training for Kayaking and Rowing. The Concept ll rowers provide valuable feedback for performance training.

Private lessons available on the Kayak pro for the more serious racer types. Video analysis and technique training will improve your racing performance.



YAMUNA BODY ROLLING (ask about classes)
Improved posture
Increased range of motion
Improved alignment in all parts of the body
Increased muscle tone
Increased flexibility
Increased organ function


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